Primary School in Jamvi La Wageni

In 2014, the Ray of Sunshine collaborated with the Chandi Parivar Trust. This is a charitable Foundation based in Kenya and is very active in alleviating poverty in the most disadvantaged areas. In association with the Trust we build 6 classrooms in an area called Jamvi La Wageni.

These classrooms have alleviated the overcrowded conditions the 1000 students were being taught in. The children all live locally with their families and relatives. The Ray of Sunshine Foundation employed local workers to work side by side with our tradesmen and while on site and they learnt a lot of skills from the volunteers.

Mary Immaculate Preschool

Also in 2014, in another corner of Likoni, the Ray of Sunshine volunteers and their Italian friends totally refurbished a Preschool for children under the age of 5. We also built a Macuti where the children can now have their nap out of the shade of the sun.

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